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Hollywood Smile

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    What is a Hollywood Smile

    A Hollywood smile means a complete transformation of your smile. It is a complete dental treatment with multiple restoration options available for the aesthetic and clinical improvement of a person’s smile. A radical solution and immediate results, and a change in the shape, color, and size of the teeth to suit the shape of the jaw and mouth.

    A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic and restorative dental procedure that dramatically changes the appearance of a smile. It treats many common dental problems that affect the appearance of a smile, from stains to cracks to alignment problems.

    Hollywood Smile Features

    The Hollywood Smile procedure focuses on solving multiple problems at once. It is true that the ultimate goal of making a Hollywood smile is cosmetic dentistry and giving you a beautiful smile, but in fact, it gives you many benefits, as it includes solutions to cosmetic and restoration problems from small cracks and stains to misaligned teeth and mismatched jaw. Of which…

    Changing the smile: The first and most important benefit of the treatment is to give the patient the opportunity to change his smile and get a new and impressive smile.

    Personalization: Design your smile the way you want it. The doctor takes your notes as one of the most important aspects of the treatment and plans accordingly, to suit the shape of your full face and plans with the doctors to find the perfect shape for your smile.

    Promotes Oral Health: Despite the results that highlight the cosmetic aspect of the Hollywood Smile procedure, it significantly improves general oral health.

    Treatment of teeth aligned with the gaps: If the gaps between your teeth are noticeable, but they are not so large that you have to rely on orthodontic solutions, then cosmetic treatment such as (Hollywood Smile) is a radical solution to this problem.

    Candidates For Hollywood Smile

    Despite the desire of many to have a Hollywood smile, there are some special cases that are suitable for a Hollywood smile, and others that are not. Here are some of those cases…

    1.  The patient must be over (18) years because the jaw for this age is still in the process of development.
    2.  The teeth should be healthy and have a sufficient percentage of enamel.
    3.  Those who suffer from a clear distance between adjacent teeth.
    4.  Those who suffer from cracked teeth, chipped edges, or visible staining.
    5.  Those who do not suffer from infections in the gums, in the roots of the teeth, or from some problems in the nerve canal of the teeth.
    6.  Those who do not have a problem with the growth of teeth.
    7.  Those who aren’t undergoing orthodontic treatment of any kind.
    8.  Those who want to get rid of dull or slightly darkened teeth, and get a harmonious, attractive, and whiter smile.

    Stages of Hollywood Smile Procedure

    Hollywood smile treatment varies for each patient according to their dental needs. The schedule also varies according to the dental condition and treatment requirements. However, the general process remains the same for everyone which consists of four steps…

    Medical Consultation

    The main purpose of the medical consultation is to accurately assess the condition of the teeth, in which the doctor examines both jaws, and examines the general health of the mouth; Gum health, enamel health, bone density, and ascertaining the issue of allergy, if the patient has some manifestations of allergy to some drugs and some metals. The doctor also looks at the patient’s medical history for its importance in the success of the procedure.

    Planning and Preparing

    The doctor and the patient consult about the desired smile shape, and the doctor here gives advice on what is best for the patient’s condition, and what is medically possible and not. Given the importance of the cosmetic aspect, the doctor focuses first on the ten front teeth of the jaws; Upper and lower, and after making sure that the patient is completely ready to start, the doctor begins to work.

     Dental-Crusts Model Preparation

    At this stage, the dentist prepares the teeth for crusts. It begins with the removal of approximately (0.5 mm) of tooth enamel, which is the proportion equivalent to the scale of the crusts so that the scales are suitable for optimal dental coating. Then the doctor designs a model of lenses – crusts – to fit the patient’s teeth and sends it to the laboratory, to reach it after a week or two.

    The Crusts‘ Installation

    The doctor puts the crusts on the teeth and tries them at first. He puts them on the patient’s teeth to ensure that they are suitable for the entire teeth, in terms of color and size, and then he cleans the teeth completely and installs the crusts based on a specialized medical adhesive, which is fixed by using waves of light dedicated to fixing them.