Hollywood Smile Techniques

تقنيات ابتسامة هوليوود

The Techniques Of Hollywood Smile

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    Most people think that the purpose of a Hollywood smile is to get a beautiful white smile, and the truth is more than that…

    A Hollywood smile helps you get a healthy and perfect oral environment and gives you an outstanding appearance and a bright white smile.

    Hollywood Smile Techniques

    When we talk about Hollywood smile techniques, we are talking about the most appropriate techniques that will cover a total of (20) teeth between the upper and lower jaw. So we have two types of technologies.

    •  Crowns’ techniques.
    •  Lenses’ technology.

    Crowns’ Techniques

    Dental crowns are considered the ideal solution for those who suffer from cracked teeth or dental problems and crowns work to solve endodontic problems (infections of the dental nerve), or people who suffer from stubborn pigmentation over the years.

    When applying the crowns correctly, the doctor must do the following steps first

    •  Dental neuritis treatment.
    • Sculpt the teeth properly and clean the mouth well.
    • Take the print carefully.

    Then the print is sent to the laboratory, and after the moulds of the crowns are prepared, the doctor installs the crowns in the most appropriate way, taking into account the oral health and crowns’ safety from a functional point of view, and the patient’s obtaining the desired color and shape from an aesthetic point of view.

    Crowns’ Types

    The types of crowns have varied over time. From metal crowns to porcelain crowns to ceramics. Today, there are high-quality techniques that give the patient a natural look and an absolute sense of comfort and safety.
    At our BeauMed Clinic, we use the best quality products for your health and comfort, giving you the look and the smile you dream of.

    Our doctors at BeauMed use two of the highest quality and modernity types that are…

    1.  Pure zirconium crowns.
    2.  Full Crown E-MAX.

    Zirconia Crowns

    The most convenient and safest medical option in the Hollywood smile procedure, because of its many advantages that highlight the beauty of your teeth and maintain their health for many years. Among its features…

    • It has a suitable and harmonious nature with the gum’s nature.
    • It does not cause any kind of inflammation or unpleasant odors over time.
    • It is not affected by pigmentation over time, because it has a very resistant nature towards it.
    • It has the toughness needed to withstand the nature of the oral environment.
    • Its vibrant color and aesthetic appearance.

    Full Crown E-MAX

    The cosmetic option that most patients desire because it gives a natural appearance in the mouth, due to the high light transmittance and the closeness of its nature to the natural tooth structure. It is worth noting that the Full Crown E-MAX crowns are less durable and rigid than zirconium crowns, so they are the perfect solution for front incisors alone.
    Some of its features…

    • High light transmittance.
    • Fit to the tooth structure.
    • It gives the teeth a soft feel.
    • Reduces tooth sensitivity to the minimum.
    •  Prevents tartar formation in the teeth
    • It has a sturdy construction and gives a natural look to the teeth.

    Who are The Candidates

    Dental Crowns can be applied to both types of crowns. Zircon crowns and E-Max crowns, people on this list should be…

    – Who suffers from multiple dental restorations that need aesthetic correction.
    – Those who suffer from defects in the enamel, lack or deformation of the protective layer of the tooth.
    – Who suffers from decayed teeth.
    – Those who suffer from discoloration of the teeth as a result of root canal treatment.
    – People who suffer from severe yellowing of the teeth, or discoloration as a result of damage or age.
    – People who suffer from broken teeth as a result of a specific accident or as a result of tooth decay.
    – People who suffer from arched teeth.

    Lenses Technologies

    When we talk about the lenses in the Hollywood smile procedure, we are talking about high standards in terms of the techniques used and by the people who are applying for them. Previously known in the lens techniques were Lumineer and Veneer lenses, which are high-quality cosmetic lenses with a prominent aesthetic appearance. However, we prefer to rely on the latest and best technologies, so we chose a different types of lenses.

    Doctors in our BeauMed Clinic rely on a technique called (E-MAX VENEERS), i.e. E-Max peels. These veneers are characterized by their nature closest to the natural tooth structure, in addition to a host of other features, including…

    •  It is distinguished by its lively and attractive white color.
    •  It has enough durability.
    •  Preserves the original tooth structure.
    • You need to carve out very small parts of the tooth to install it.
    • It is of high quality in form and content.

    Who are The Candidates

    The candidates for this technology are very few people, because of its high standards. And those are …

    – Who has healthy teeth.
    – Who does not suffer from arched, crooked teeth.
    – Who does not suffer from endodontic problems.
    – Those who do not suffer from overlapping teeth.
    – Who has a proper occlusion between the jaws, and his bite is correct.

    When relying on the most appropriate technology for each patient, doctors present the options available to patients to choose the degree of whiteness they want, in proportion to the color of their skin, so that the patient gets a beautiful, elegant, healthy, and suitable smile for him.
    And here lies the success of the Hollywood smile cosmetic procedure.